Saturday, July 8

Introducing the Prissy Cook

Before we can launch into what is a Prissy Cook, it's best to start with some definitions:

pris·sy- Excessively or affectedly prim and proper.

cook- one who prepares food.

I'm a firm believer in three meals a day and I always try to clean my plate (blame that on my good Southern upbringing). With that, I operate in this world with a fewidiosyncrasiess and I'm afraid that one day they'll turn into fully qualified OCD. But, until I'm clinical, we'll just say that I like things a certain way; Pantry organized by food group, labels facing the front and boxes in order by height. Nothing to me that seems too left-field, but a few have commented on it.

What's allowed me to be creative is working with food. I allow myself to get the kitchen messy, sometimes I don't using measuring cups and I always have fun sharing my creations with my husband and with our friends.

I've made a commitment that I will try at least one new recipe a week, and post my results here. Hope you enjoy. Bon Appetite!

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