Monday, December 25

Texas Christmas Recollections Day Two

 James Brown died.  Merry Christmas. Can you believe that's the line my dad blurted out during Christmas present time this morning?  Then he preceded to walk around the living room, in his Christmas pajamas singing, "I feel good," hip wiggle, "I knew that I would now."  Very inappropriate, right! 

Excess should be the word of the day, so far it's been full of it and it does feel good (da da la da da).  Here's some snapshots:

Kee, Liz and Mom

Mr Charlie

In other news, we think LoLo has a slight Orange Soda addiction.  I'll let you figure out which one she is! LOL.

Sock update.  I've ruled out my Aunt B as being the sock culprit. 


Blogger O said...

You can almost hear that Justin shirt yell out "I'm a manly man".

But not quite...

8:04 PM  

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