Sunday, January 7

Overwhelmed....First weekend back home from the Holidays

Specific and measurable results.  It's hard when you preach that every day at work and then you're faced with the task of coming up with a New Year's Resolution.  *grumble*

Here's what I came up with: Limit my TV consumption.  I don't know about you, but I seem to default to the TV being on all the time.  It's my background noise. The problem is that when it's on, I find myself pausing all the time to watch a segment or just zoning out on nothing.  I've got some rules, so I'm not going cold turkey.

Keesha's TV Watching Algorithm

  1. Weekdays= (News and Weather till I leave for work + News and Jay Leno)+ (Mindful watching of Grey's Anatomy + Ugly Betty + No Reservations)
  2. Weekends= (who needs it?)

Now I'm trying out all the XM satellite stations.  Yesterday I listened to XM Hitlist and today I'm trying out XM 20 on 20.  So far I've learned that Akon likes to "Smack that!" and I can "loosen up my buttons" and "shake my moneymaker."  I need to find another channel.

I hope to get back in the kitchen this week and back to my blog.  Ciao!


Blogger O said...

One of my resolutions might be to watch more TV. I've paid all this money for digital cable and I never watch it, nor do I record anything on my DVR, except random sports that I sleep through because I know the score already. Oh well.

9:30 PM  
Blogger melati said...

Smack that! Out on the floor! Smack that! till you get sore!

That song makes me feel like a dirty old man.

I'm with you on the watching less tv. More getting out. More yoga. and for now, back on South Beach. Hello, size 10's. I hate you.

12:23 PM  

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