Monday, September 18

Honk if you hate the Redskins

I remember going to the grocery store with my Mamaw when I was younger and a radio DJ said, "Honk if you hate the Redskins!"  Next thing, I hear tons of cars honking, including my grandmother.  It was so fun, visiting her in Dallas, watching football games on Sunday; Go Cowboys!  I really don't consider myself a "sports" fan, but I do love the ceremony that goes along with it.  Having friends over, snacking, willing your team to win from the couch, I love it.  Over 20 years later, every time the Cowboys play the Redskins, I remember that car ride.

We haven't really stopped since our trip to San Francisco last weekend, so this weekend I'm purposely trying to take it slow.  Friday we met Mel, RJ and crew at Postino's for a late birthday celebration and had a night cap at Chelsea Kitchen.  Saturday, Hubby had golfing and I booked a manicure at the Wigwam.  A Red Door Spa just opened there and I have a preferred membership, so I get nice discounts and stuff.  It was a drive, over 35 miles.  I got there about 4 hours before my appointment to layout by their pool, use the gym, get hydrated in the steam room.  That night we met Vic and Bec out for dinner at the Rookery (sp?).  The front dining room is under construction, but they're still serving full dinners downstairs.  If you have a loved one addictied to their mobile, this is the place to go, no cell coverage in the basement.  Today, I went to the Orange Table in Old Town for breakfast (more on that later, it's so good) and I've been cooking and nesting around the house the rest of the day.  Oh to the right here is a picture of Bica, he looked just too cute here.  She's very photogenic, like her mama.

The crew came over for the game and I cooked a Mexican Roast Beef from a recipe I found in this month's Better Homes & Garden (see I can be productive at the spa).  In the beef broth just mix in equal portions of coffee grounds, cocoa, cumin, and chili powder.  I added some potatoes and onions, turned on the crock and 6 hours later, we had a fantastic dinner.

While cruizing the Internet, I found some articles on Donna Hay or guess you're supposed to say Hay Hay Donna Hay Day when you make one of her recipes.  I found her magazine later while at the grocery store, so I thought, why not?  I picked up Volume 27 which was the Cupcake Couture issue- ooh-la-la!  I decided to make her vanilla bean mini cupcakes with a divinity icing I've made before.

Hope y'all have a great week!


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