Monday, February 5

Everyday recycling...More you can do

I take out the trash less.  That's one of the BIG benefits since I started recycling paper products and cans at home.  The City of Phoenix dropped off my new blue recycling bin and I've been filling it with joy.

Who knew it, taking out the trash can be fun. Once you start recycling, you start to see all sorts of opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle.  I'm saving all my dry cleaner hangers and taking them back about once a month.  We go through about 75 hangers a month (a clear indication I don't iron).

Krista at work, who's a very seasoned environmentalist, started a can counter web site. Over the past year, she's trained an entire wing of the office to drop cans off at her desk, and she take them home to recycle.  Since, we work in technology, you can imagine the amount of a caffeine consumption over there. You can visit her at

This morning, I saw a story on the news where you can remove your name from direct marketing mailing lists.  Looking at how much junk mail I toss in the recycle bin, I thought it would be worth a shot.  It's only a buck and hey, if it works, then all the better.  Check out the web site for the Direct Marketing Association. Tired of getting all those credit card offers, call 1-888-5OPT-OUT.  I'll keep you posted.



Anonymous cogs said...

Good on ya...Tucson's had a "one recycling bin" system since we moved here and I love it. We did some serious cleaning this past weekend and our recycling bin must weigh close to 100lbs (no lie) full of magazines.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Kelli said...

So good! They were saying on the radio this morning that taking the hangers back to the dry cleaner is a great way to reduce waste.
And your friend Pat commented on my blog too. It cracked me up!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous kristabelle said...

How cool! Every little bit helps. I'll be taking my hangers back to the dry cleaner now. I didn't know about that one :)

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Molly said...

you're such a hippy now! your staunch republican parents must be ashamed ;)

just kidding.

anyway, krista who? do i know her? i love her site though! too cute. i'll probably link to it in my next update, too.

3:22 PM  

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