Thursday, July 27

Trying something new...Travel Cooking

So, we really like to travel, right? And, I hope it's obvious that we really like to eat. I have a party planning theory, "if you have a theme, it's easier to start." With that advice at heart, I've decided that I would plan a monthly theme around some destination; Sound fun?

Sidebar- We went to Belize for New Year's and the way we choose it was quite fun. We were sitting at a bar one evening and each of us chose a place we'd like to visit. We wrote the names on a napkin, dropped them in a martini glass and had a random guy at the bar choose one. It was a great vacation, a little too much like the TV show Survivor. This is really my husband catching our dinner. Not kidding, he had to catch our food. Grrr. What a hunter!

With that spirit, I want to choose a place and cook in that style for a month. Learning about it's customs, it's cuisine. Here's your challenge blog readers...Do you have a vote on which country or region I should choose from? If you do, submit your vote, I'll be drawing before August 1!.


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