Friday, June 8

Is it too much to ask to put more than one grocery store bag in my car?

Sara's dad has a 1956 Thunderbird and each of his girls in high school got to drive this classic when they were in school. It was georgous; jet black, white wall tires, red vynal interior with white trim. Man was it sleek.

She taught me how to drive in the parking lot one time. I decided that was my chance to smoky and bandit the car, forgetting that she was a yellow, green, brownish belt in something and she kicked my butt.

I didn't get the car.

Fast forward ten years, I'm getting married, and guess what my wedding present was? A bright red TBird! Whooo Hooo! It was like getting called down for the Price is Right, it was blinding, it was so freaking cool!

Logistically, there are some issues.

The airport- Ann asked me to take her airport. She packed more than a backpack. We literally had to sit on the trunk to get it to shut, move our seats so farward they wouldn't latch into place, take the top off and put the other bag where the canvis soft top is supposed to go. 

Tammie Coe Cupcake 1

The grocery- I don't know why I volunteered to pick up drinks for a marketing event today. I needed 1000 caprisuns and ice. I got 180 in there. Do you know how many trips to CostCo I made today? Oy!



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