Tuesday, June 5

Reese's cupcakes inspired by a Queen

Hangar Cafe is good, but the median age of patrons is about 55 and they're mostly ex former military. Have you ever seen the red white and blue, eagle, Constitution polo's at Kohl's? Let's just say that there was a lot of those shirts represented.

I was there meeting DJ. He's cute. A little bit of a flirt. And slobbers a little when he kisses. (his parents, my BFF from high school and her husband were there too, but when there's a new baby, who pays attention to the parents?)

One thing about DJ's mom is that she's got quite the sweet tooth. While we all went for the savory dishes (biscuits, gravy, potatoes, eggs) she goes for the pancakes with lots of syrup.

Sara, here's what you would have enjoyed if you were able to stick around on Sunday.

I don't have a camera yet- I got a text message update from HSN and it should arrive on Thursday or Friday. It's very exciting! But, you can imagine the following.

Cupcake Queen inspired me again with these little gems. Plus I had new cupcake liners from Martha Stewart.

I baked a box chocolate cake, took a Reese's mini and put them in the raw batter and baked them as usual. When they cooled, I put creamy peanut butter on top and then topped that with milk chocolate frosting. These babies smelled like a little Reese's pieces bit of heaven.

See, BFF from high school, if you didn't have to go "play soccer" and be "athletic" you could have sat around with me and enjoyed one of these babies.

But it's your loss. Hmmmmmmmp. I'll just eat your share and show you.


Blogger pdcogs said...

Please don't forget that you live in Phoenix, which is even hotter than Tucson...we can barely afford the airplane without air conditioning...if you would like to make a contribution, we'd buy a better airplane with air conditioning and stay as long as needed...but without that the little guy that flirted and drooled all day would melt in the back seat.

When it cools off a bit (like in January...you live in Phoenix) we'd love to make a full day of it!

10:48 PM  
Blogger PrissyCook said...

P and S- I'm so sorry the only aircraft you can afford right now is one with no air conditioning. As a matter of fact, you're lucky that you've got a cute lovey eyed baby or I wouldn't even associate with you :P

11:05 PM  

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