Sunday, July 30

I'm in love with a penguin

We've been working hard lately to re-work our training material at my company. It's a lot of technical stuff and the material can get a little dry. We're at the tail-end of the project, and a little treat came our way.

The creative team at my company came up with a mascot of sorts we're going to use to help guide the new hires through the book. This little guy was presented to us and I fell in love with the penguin. What do you think?

So you've guess it, I had to make a cupcake in tribute to my new friend. Along the way, I've learned some techniques and tips that proved to be very helpful. I got the recipies from a new cookbook called, Hey There, Cupcake by Clare Crespo.
I learned some new things with my new cookbook, like how to properly frost a cupcake. The trick is to have frosting all the way to the edges of the cupcake, no cake in sight. To do that you, put the frosting on with a pastry bag in a swirl pattern. You then take your knife and smooth out the frosting. With each cupcake, I got better and better:
But more on cupcake tips later, I have some new friends to show off. I'm not the most artistic and even Googled and Wiki'ed images of penguins to get the best image of one. Well, needless to say, this is my attempt:
~I'll post this pic when blogger isn't being picky~


Blogger Dena Marie said...

I like the new PrissyCook headline pic. It is very cool. I am familiar with the penguin as it is also the mascot of linux. Being a computer science major, I would say something like this. Check out all the cute penguins that tie into that. Google Images using Linux penguin and tons will come up. I look forward to seeing the other pic, when blogger isn't being so picky. I hate that.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Delilah said...

I hadn't ever heard of using mayonaise instead, it certainly sounds interesting though, I will have to try that out sometime. Claps for all the love being shown to cupcakes these days too!

8:28 AM  

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