Thursday, October 5

We never talk about our dirty dishes

I am now officially useless on Thursday nights.  I have at least four TV shows that I must watch.  So my routine so far this evening has been, to do my evening tasks (laundry, dishes, sort mail) all in between the commercials.  That means that I'm running, running, running and sit. Running, running, running and sit.

In the middle of all this I still had one yucky, sticky dish waiting for me in the kitchen.  They had butternut squash on sale at Sprouts and I made a squash macaroni from Martha Stewart. I hate dishes anyway and this one made one arse of a baked on mess.

My MooMoo (that's Texan for Grandmother) read in a Southern Living once, that if you have a really baked-on dish, that if you put a dryer sheet with a little water in it for 15 minutes, whatever is baked on will come right out.

Her little trick worked for me again.  By the time, My Name is Earl was half way through, I was able to get that dish cleaned and put away in less time than a commercial break.  Efficiency people, that's what I'm shooting for.

Oh, and before I get suggestions on the invention of the TiVo, I have one.  But Hubby is out of town and I have issues with home electronics.  I'll explain my Roomba issues later.


Anonymous Molly said...

i want a roomba for the sole reason of terrorizing my dog. clean floors would be nothing more than a fringe benefit.

9:47 AM  
Blogger PrissyCook said...

the roomba terrorizes me...poor ruca...not wonder she chews on mommy's pants.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Dena Marie said...

I wish I'd have read this a little sooner. I spent like 30 minutes scrubbing a dish that my roommie had left sit in the sink for way too long. Being the only one in the house who apparently can't stand a messy kitchen tackled it, but even after so long, couldn't get the baked on whatever it was off the pan. I might have to try the Bounce sheet. Thanks for the helpful info.

9:14 PM  

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