Sunday, July 15

Dance as if no one is watching

Dance as if no one is watching. Yesterday on my flight home, some very interesting people sat around me and the thought of dancing as if no one is watching went through my mind.

The person to my left across the isle, a heavy metal kind of guy, black steal toe boots, HD t-shirt and listening to music loud enough where I could hear it. Let me tell you, he was playing every air instrument you could think of; Guitar, drums, keyboards. Sometimes all three at once.

The person sitting to my right was a quiet crossword puzzle guy. Button up short sleeved shirt, brown belt and khaki pants. Every so often, I spotted him conducting to an invisible orchestra.

The couple behind me were on their way to a cruise. They were having a discussion about what birds they were going to see in Alaska. If the lady knew the bird sound, she would start imitating bird sounds and he would either confirm or deny the accuracy of it.

Dance as if no one is watching. I was so moved by these people all engaged in something I hope they were passionate about.


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