Tuesday, July 10

Y'all where are we going to eat

16. Do you remember that? I have a 16 year old sister. So, I'm getting regular installments of 16 year old logic.



Today's conversation started off like this-

Liz- Where are we going to eat tonight.

Mom- I don't know, what are you hungry for?

Liz- I've got this cute plaid top from A&F, the one with a bow. I'm going to wear that with my khaki shorts.

Mom- What does that have to do with what you're hungry for?

Liz- It doesn't, I just want to eat somewhere where I can wear that outfit.


Blogger African Kelli said...

Oooh, you are making me feel young here. I have to admit, I've planned activities around a wardrobe before.

2:49 PM  

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