Thursday, July 5

Keeping cool with ice brewed iced coffee

When someone said to me that in the summer in Phoenix it can go days without going below 100, I finally got it. It's not the dry heat that can get you here, it's the fact that there is no relief from the heat. There are times that you can go out at midnight and it's still 100.

Since it is so hot, it makes the fact that I need coffee in the morning, pretty unfortunate. I read an article in the NY Times Online that caught my interest.

Do you know the difference between hot brewed coffee on ice and ice brewed iced coffee? I didn't.  I had to try.

I found another use for those POM Juice jars, handy suckers aren't they.

Iced Coffee- Cold Brew


These two jars were way over kill, plan on using almost 3x the coffee you would in traditional brewing. I could taste a subtle difference, but I'm not a coffee brewing expert either.

cold brewed ice coffee



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