Wednesday, July 11

Making a French Connection

14. What's more fun than being around a 16 year old? Mixing in a few 14 year olds. I have two cousins who are 14. They're freshmen.

My mom is a high school history teacher. She's been teaching the subject for the last 25 years. Let's just say she knows the whole Texas curriculium for each grade, what should be taught each year and what you should leave each grade knowing. This is important information for the dinner conversation my mom had with cousin Chris.



Scene: Cajun seafood restaurant in Galveston.

Chris- What are they saying in this song? I don't understand it?

Mom- It's in French.

Chris- Why in the world is there a French song on in a Cajun restaurant?

Mom- (looks wide-eyed at Chris)

Chris- What? I don't understand.

Mom- Who did we purchase Louisiana from?

Chris- Ummmmm.

Mom- You're a freshman, right? You had to have learned this.

Chris- I don't know, my teacher is Canadian.


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