Sunday, August 5

Happy Birthday Karsen! Peach Blueberry Thyme Cupcakes!


Rob and Shayna asked me to bring cupcakes to Karsen's first birthday party. I was so excited! Cupcakes and birthdays totally go together right? Plus, I think Rob and Shayna are extra fabulous, so I was feeling a little pressure to find a cupcake that was eclectic and tasty.

I found inspiration at Cupcake Bake Shop. This is an awesome site. One very thoughtful thing Cheryl does for us more novice bakers is that she photographs some of the more complicated steps of the baking process. The Peach Blueberry Thyme Cupcakes really caught my eye and I thought these were just funky enough for a party Rob and Shayna were hosting.

I was so engrossed in picking the right cupcake, that I totally spaced that these cupcakes were for a baby's first birthday.




I think this is my best cupcake picture to date...Happy Birthday Baby K-Lo!


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