Wednesday, July 18

Tread Lightly on Earth Day 3

Geeks can be greenies too. Before AfricanKelli's challenge, I was very envious of my office mate's trash can. Now hear me out before you think I'm over the top strange.

I noticed that there was never anything in his trash can. I on the other hand had to have the crew clean mine out by mid day to make room for more crap.

As part of my challenge this week, I also wanted to see how little I could toss out this week. I'm doing really good so far.

There's a tie into geeks...just wait for it.

So, we (he and I) have been talking about different eco things we do. He mentioned that he had read about the energy used for white screens (ie, the white search engine screen on Google).

I'll let you be the judge on if you want to make the switch or not. Read up on it for yourself here.

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