Thursday, August 3

Laundry Bad; Cinnamon Cupcakes Good

Today's Thursday, do you know what that means? It means that my house is extra clean. That makes me really happy. I actually look forward to coming home, walking in the door and seeing that floor with a bit of a shine on it; I love that shine. But, it's a bit of an illusion. Because there's still some basic stuff that has to get done, like the laundry.

My laundry is especially tenacious. You see, each week I wash clothes and there seems to always be more waiting. I love my clothes. I even use fancy laundry detergent, add lavender water to steam them when they dry. I say nice things to my laundry and it just keeps piling on!

This evening is no different. There's a load in the dryer and enough in the hamper to make at least one more load (okay three more loads) and I'm hanging out in my kitchen reading my new Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.

Cupcakes look nicer than laundry. The more I make the less I have? They seem to disappear. My laundry never does that.

So, I'm going now, these wonderful smelling Cinnamon Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing are done. Now it's time to make them disappear!


Blogger Sherri said...

Hiya! I love cupcakes, my favorites are from Magnolia Bakery in NY. Recipe is on my blog.

4:26 PM  
Blogger O said...

Hey there - found you on Seth's Feasting In Phoenix blog. You seem to have similar issues to laundry that I do...although mine may be just a tad worse.

Go figure. Wish I could say I was making something really good to eat instead of putting my laundry away, but no.

See ya, O

9:29 PM  

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