Thursday, August 17

Margaritas for Smart People

I love a good margarita and besides a few of them, I've haven't found many that I haven't really enjoyed. Our friends C&K make a really good one, it's a lime-tequila drink with a splash of orange liquor. Recently, I've been, testing a similar recipe, I found from Mesa Grill and it's pretty yummy. What I like about it is that it has a stronger citrus base, limes, lemons and oranges.

So, while I was visiting A in Minnesota, her dad found this "Libation" in the Wall Street Journal. It was a orange-based margarita.

We made this one not with an anajo tequila, which has a smoother taste, but choose a nice mid-grade El Tesoro (the treasure). I think the, smoother higher grade anajo would have been lost in the deep orange flavor, the younger tequila had a bit more kick to it and you could taste it in this drink.

I'll get the Mayor to send me the exact recipe to post later. He found it in the August 12th issue of the WSJ.


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