Wednesday, August 9

Ode to Louis

My dad calls my husband and I D.I.N.Ks (double income no kids) and that's his nice way of saying that we've got nothing better to spend our money on except what we want. Well that's the funny part, we'll spend money on the house, the travel, we like to eat out and we drink too much good wine. BUT what we don't do is buy things because of the label or trend. That all came to an end this weekend, you see hubby went to Vegas and got momma a Louis. I've never had one, in fact, I've never been in the store.

No matter how good it feels let me tell you, it was the most uncomfortable I've felt shopping EVER. I felt when I walked in that suddenly, everything on my being wasn't good enough. And I had some sales person, talking to me about how personal Louis Vuitton bags are and how there's one for every personality. My internal dialogue is that they all sorta look the same?

That didn't stop me though, I got over that really quick and finally decided on this one, my new little baby, Louis.

Funny, I always thought my first baby's name would be John?


Anonymous Molly said...

ummmm jealous much?! you are a lucky, lucky woman! obviously, hard work pays off :) very inspiring indeed!

7:07 PM  

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