Tuesday, August 8

Ransom for a penguin

I need your help! This little guy is part of a training guide re-write, re-style we've been working on. You see, I haven't always had a passion for penguins. I mean I don't wish the little guys any harm, but I'm not part of any penguin activist group. That was until the creative services team at my company created this guy and mi corazon derritio.

Brainy penguin was the first one and to show my appreciation, sacrificed doing my laundry to make cinnamon cupcakes, freaking Martha Stewart cinnamon cupcakes. That's not easy people. She turns her damn cupcakes every 10 minutes in the oven so they cook evenly.

So now it's time that I need another penguin, I wanted one to put next to exercises the students would use to learn about our products. Look at what they came up with, I mean seriously, with his little stubby worthless wings just flapping away.

Here's the ransom part. I get a note on Monday at work that says that if I want to see more penguins I have to deliver brownies. Not just any brownies, but ones without nuts or any other junk. Just good old fashion brownies.

I did it...I made them freaking brownies to feed my sick-sick penguin addiction.



Blogger O said...

Fresh baked goods as a reward for one item of graphic art? I'm obviously in the wrong profession!

Now if I could only conjure up something that would get me a trayful o' brownies...with the nuts. :P

10:07 PM  

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