Sunday, November 19

If you only have a second in Austin, here's where you should grab a bite

We're in town for Sister-in-Law's wedding this weekend and it's always a whirlwind to see everyone, do everything and putting a wedding into the mix makes for a busy weekend.  But it doesn't mean that I won't stop at one of these places.

If you have a quick visit to Austin planned, here are some of my guilty pleasures:

  1. Taco Cabana- Think of a sit down Taco Bell with booze and homemade tortillas.  It's quick, it's pink and it's really good.  I always swing by for a breakfast burrito.
  2. Bill Miller BBQ- Rancher plate.  For $5 you get one meat, two sides and a large iced tea. 
  3. SaltLick- Brisket. This is good stuff opposed to Bill Miller which is cheap and tasty.  The BBQ sauce here is vinergy, but has that wasabi appeal to it. 
  4. Kolaches- Get them anywhere, I have a few favorite spots, but Kolaches are the best in Central Texas.
  5. Katz- Did you know Schlotzsky's is an Austin based company? So, imagine a deli like that before it became a chain.  This place is awesome.

Guilty pleasures.  Where would we be without them?


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