Tuesday, August 14

Troubleshooting with a teenager

"SISSY!" That's what I heard when I answered the phone today.

"Sissy, Paige didn't know my computer was in hibernate mode and you can't hit the power button when it's in hibernate because it messes up and she didn't know that, so she did and now when I turn it on the screen is all messed up, I don't see anything on my desktop, all my homework is on there and I don't know what to do."

Now you and I both know that she was probably more freaked out that she may miss something on MySpace, more than she was freaked out that she maybe lost her homework (and people school doesn't start until next week).

"Liz, turn your computer off, and take the battery out, plug it back into the wall and let me know what happens."

"Oh Sissy, that worked! Ok thank you!"


She could barely breath when she called me. Her world was almost ending because her computer wasn't working. She was going to lose all her homework. This would all catapult into a downward spiral of not getting into college and it was all so horrible. OMGIDK! And, she gets off the phone without giving me the gratification of saying good-bye back.

But people, you can rest easy tonight. Lizzy's computer is back up and running.

liz face paint

And this is what she was doing with the rest of her day.


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