Monday, September 4

Last Days of Summer Fun

Friday, Dirty Stu's Brithday.

 Saturday, Mel and RJ hanging out.

 Monday, Doggie playdate.

 Monday, New girl Dottie.

 Monday, Playing cards in the monsoon.

Sunday, September 3

Two Thumbs Up for Phoenix Cooks

Phoenix Cooks came into town on Saturday, and I ate.  The fundraiser was held at the Arizona Biltmore's convention center and I was really happy when I drove up and had to park in the auxiliary lot.  That meant a lot of people, which meant a lot of money for the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

We attended two cooking demonstrations, one with Executive Pastry Chef Pierino Jermonti from the Royal Palms and a Knives 101 hosted by the Scottsdale Culinary Institute.

The main halls had vendors from all over Phoenix, some (just a small group) of them we sampled are:

Even the local Junior League had a table selling their latest cookbook, Pomegranates and Prickly Pears.  If you have a JL in your area, it's great to buy their cookbooks.  They're always a collection of recipes from local chefs, home cooks and regional celebrities. I think its just a great element to have in your kitchen. 

Everyone really had great food to represent their establishments.  We had great Shrimp Shooters and Amaretto Peach Cobbler, Peanut Pork and Raspberry and Chocolate torte.  Then there was the wine.

Here's where a lush has to really hold back!  Some law firm and World Market sponsored a wine tasting event.  I like buying my wine at World Market, it's usually quite affordable, but I had some great hits and some big misses.  And you don't know you missed until you're trying to fight off a wicked hang-over!  But I tried the 2004 Liberty School Cabernet and a Banfi "Col-di-Sasso Cabernet/Sangiovese blend I really enjoyed.  There were also at least a half dozen others, but after the first few you stop taking notes.

So, if I were reviewing my experience, I'd say it was all really positive.  Does anyone know the name of a great restaurant in Carefree that starts with a "L"?  They had the Peach-Amaretto cobbler and I can't find their business card.