Sunday, October 22

I'm going freakin camping, y'all.

I don't know. I missed something.  Is the name of my blog, "Prissy Camps?"  Let me check.  No.  There it is, "Prissy Cook."  Then why did I find myself sleeping in the back a Denali in the mountains having to find facilities outside.

I went camping this weekend for the first time in 20 years.  I did it mainly to be a thorn in my friend's side.  The conversation started something like this:

Vic- "Hey guys, we're going camping this weekend, do you want to go?"

Hubby- "Oh, man, I can't I won't get back from NJ until Monday."

Kee- "Oh, Oh, I want to go."

Vic- "No."

Kee- "Oh yeah, I'm going camping."

Vic- "No."

Kee- "Hubby, Tell Vic I'm going camping."

Hubby-  "Shrug."

Kee- wide eyes

Vic- "No."

Let's see who won...

Crown King, AZ looking over the summit.

Mmmm. Breakfast Burritos.

Crown King Saloon.

Camping Croquet.

See that Melati, croquet while camping.  I'm gearing up for next year...Watch out!  To see more pictures of the camping trip, you can see them here, camping photos.