Tuesday, May 1

"I said RED toes! Am I being bossy? " Quotes and other things heard at Carey's wedding this weekend.

I went to Texas this past weekend for Carey and Corey's wedding- they've only been planning this thing for almost two years and finally it was time to tie the knot. It was a great weekend.

"Carey, do you know what La Quinta means in Spanish? It means Denny's!" That's what I said as we pulled up to the hotel and she saw my nice smile turn into a sour pucker. Can you believe that she thought that a La Quinta was a good option for the first few nights we were in Dallas! OMG! Do you think we actually stayed there?

"Seriously, I can't feel my toes!" That's how dinner started on Thursday night. Shelley ( I love Shelley) always wears stilts (not high heels, that would be reasonable). She's the only person I know who would meet up for coffee or a quick grocery store run and be in heels that were 3" at least during the day and a minimum of 4" if we were going out. Shelley recently realized that she can no longer feel her toes, that's a problem, right?

"You're going to a strip club! It's my bachelorette party!" There's a lot more to this story, let's just say that it was traumatic and I don't want to talk about it.

I'll get more up later. There's the whole wedding and reception to talk about! Here's a picture of the happy couple the next morning, CONGRATULATIONS!