Wednesday, October 18

Holy Pumpkin Puree Batman

It's not often, that you get a second to slow down and enjoy, the life you're busy living.  "Wow, that's deep," is what I thought as the words just fell onto the page, "and useful only if you have time to slow down."  That's how my weeks usually end up, I'm too busy to take any time to slow down.  The problem is I don't know what I'm so busy doing?

Hubby is out of town, I'm sure coming up with some cool (I mean technologically sound) strategy to keep all those hackers ( I mean those network sabotaging bastards) out of his infrastructure.  When he's gone, I rush to do all the things that I usually don't do when he's here. 

  1. Not only do I do the laundry.  But I fold it and put it away as I go.
  2. I use the restroom in the middle of the night without fear, that  Hubby used it earlier and left the seat up.
  3. I TiVo Oprah.  (so WHAT, I like Oprah, get over it)

Switching gears for a second, a colleague suggested a  restaurant in the 'hood this week, Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe.  As I drove home from work (another 11 hour day), I started my round of phone calls, when I thought, "Remember when you'd go to a restaurant, by yourself, and just be with your own thoughts?"  Thinking back to that, I made a command decision, no more phone calls, no running by the house, I was going straight there and enjoy my freaking thoughts.

This little noodle house is cute, and the whole staff was very inviting.  I couldn't help but notice the menagerie of desserts in the case as I was walked to my table.  Let me just name a few- cinnamon bread, banana nut bread with blueberries, citrus cake, curry bread, homemade cheesecake and pumpkin everything!  So, dinner was great, service was wonderful, yadda, yadda, yadda.

"Keesha, that's great but did you say, pumpkin everything?" 

"Yes, I did."

I went straight for the gut, pumpkin puree.  The waitress was an older lady and you could tell she had it all figured out.  You know, one of those people, who are insightful and kind.  When I asked for dessert, she said, "I'm going to pack it up for you, so you can eat it at home.  Some place where you can be comfortable."

So, now I find myself, taking a second to just slow down.

I've got my dawg, my Oprah and a great pumpkin puree.


Check out Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe.