Saturday, July 29

Best Kept Secret- Reverse Happy Hour

OKay, I just have to let someone know about REVERSE HAPPY HOUR at McCormicks and Schmick's. We go to the movies about once a month and what's a real treat for us is that our movie theather is a cross between art-house and mega-monster movie plex. So, we'll get first releases and the option of choosing between some nice restaurants.

The down side is, that if you want to do dinner and a movie, you'll pay $10 each for the movie ticket and at least $60 on dinner; You have no option. Well, you have no option unless you know about Reverse Happy Hour at McCormicks and Schmicks (M&S).

M&S is one of those places you'd go eat dinner if you wanted to have a nice meal for no reason, right, it's not 5-star, but it's not Red Lobster either. They do have good seafood, that's their bag.

Starting at 10:00 PM, they put out their Happy Hour Menu and it is fabulous. Last night they had Ahi Tuna Tostadas with Horse raddish and Penfolds 2004 Shiraz. The deal is that no food option is over, $1.95! Penfolds Shiraz is usually $9 a glass was only $5!

If you have one in your area, you should really go check it out.

Thursday, July 27

Trying something new...Travel Cooking

So, we really like to travel, right? And, I hope it's obvious that we really like to eat. I have a party planning theory, "if you have a theme, it's easier to start." With that advice at heart, I've decided that I would plan a monthly theme around some destination; Sound fun?

Sidebar- We went to Belize for New Year's and the way we choose it was quite fun. We were sitting at a bar one evening and each of us chose a place we'd like to visit. We wrote the names on a napkin, dropped them in a martini glass and had a random guy at the bar choose one. It was a great vacation, a little too much like the TV show Survivor. This is really my husband catching our dinner. Not kidding, he had to catch our food. Grrr. What a hunter!

With that spirit, I want to choose a place and cook in that style for a month. Learning about it's customs, it's cuisine. Here's your challenge blog readers...Do you have a vote on which country or region I should choose from? If you do, submit your vote, I'll be drawing before August 1!.

Tuesday, July 25

Save room for Dessert

I don't ever need a huge excuse to have a party and the bug had been in me for awhile to host something. One day while shopping with friend at my new favorite party store, Swoozies, we came across the sassiest invitations and that was all the excuse I needed.

Those invitations needed to be mailed and I had just the idea; a Save room for Dessert party! Now onto my plan, what to eat. My menu went through several variations and last minute changes, but I think the final list was full of sweet sensatations:

In my opinion, the highlight of the evening was the B-52 Cupcakes, a last minute decision, and icaneatthefrostingfortherestofmylife! What was fun about these cupcakes was that I used homemade kahula a colleague gave me for Christmas to cook the cake with and the whipped cream frosting had Bailey's. The frosting alone was amazing and it could double as a great topping for Irish coffee.

I can't wait for my next party! Wanna come?