Thursday, August 9

Yay! It's Thursday, let's try making Calimochos

Change. Some of us are better at than others. If you were to ask me four years ago if I was adaptable to change, I'd say yes. Because it's good to welcome change, but in reality, I didn't like it very much.

Fast-forward four years later and I think I can honestly say that I'm better at rolling with change than I ever thought possible and I'm getting where I welcome it.

Not like it, I'm just more welcoming. I guess there's a whole faithful element to all of it too, but my brian hurts too much to contemplate that right now.

A friend recently made a huge change and moved to Minnesota for a total career change. While talking to her today, she said, "I'm having a mojito and watering the lawn." Is there a better way to water the lawn? Seriously!

Well, I don't have to water the lawn, but I do have to do laundry. So, I'm doing laundry and drinking a Calimocho. Ha!


Wednesday, August 8

Double decker cupcake toter to hold these explosive cupcakes

OooooWeeee! Man oh man, did I make some tasty cupcakes. While trolling elite food blog Vanilla-Garlic, I stumbled across a recipe for Chocolate Chipolte Cinnamon Cupcakes (C4 for short).

C4, that's appropriate. They're spicy and sweet and delicious.

To tote these little babies, I got a chance to use a new cupcake tote I found at Fry's. You may think it's overkill since I already have one, but this one holds 24 cupcakes snugly in double decker fashion.

I love it.

Chocolate Chipolte Cinnamon Cupcakes

If you check out the C4 recipe on Vanilla-Garlic you'll see several variations. I chose to top mine with dark chocolate frosting and then sprinkle them with cinnamon spiked powered sugar.

Tuesday, August 7

Giving sincere thanks...

I think about this a lot. My job requires me to be an effective communicator and what I'm not so effective at is giving praise and thanking people for their efforts and talents.

I get really shy.

I don't receive compliments well and I know that I don't give them because I'm afraid I'll receive them. AND then I would be so freaking uncomfortable.

For example, I got busted this past week when a friend opened my glove box in my car. I had at least 10 thinking of you, get well soon cards, all composed and not mailed. I *think* about my family and friends all the time, but I don't always demonstrate it.

That needs to change. Really.

So (my favorite transition word), this week I'm going to actually write cards for my peeps and I'm going to actually mail them. To help me get started, I got a whole book of stamps.

Cupcake Card

I'm also equipped with my new crafting goods from Stamp Works I'm ready to go.

Monday, August 6

Drug Store Must Haves and Cool Finds

Maybelline BLACK mascara and Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover are my drug store staples. It's on these restocking runs that I usually peruse for a bit before I leave.

Here's what's made the cut this summer:

  1. Caress Exotic Oil Infusions body soap- It really does moisturize.
  2. Suave Exhale Lime Verbena body soap- A good wake up smell.
  3. Pony tail holders- I call them ponys and you can't have enough
  4. Draino- Because I'm a girl and have long hair, it clogs the drain (I know I crossed the line between gross and TMI)
  5. Goody combs- They've got wide bristles, they're cheap and I have one in every drawer in the bathroom
  6. Maybelline black mascara
  7. Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover
  8. Aquafresh Extreme clean
  9. Burts bees lip balm
  10. Orbitz gum

Sunday, August 5

Happy Birthday Karsen! Peach Blueberry Thyme Cupcakes!


Rob and Shayna asked me to bring cupcakes to Karsen's first birthday party. I was so excited! Cupcakes and birthdays totally go together right? Plus, I think Rob and Shayna are extra fabulous, so I was feeling a little pressure to find a cupcake that was eclectic and tasty.

I found inspiration at Cupcake Bake Shop. This is an awesome site. One very thoughtful thing Cheryl does for us more novice bakers is that she photographs some of the more complicated steps of the baking process. The Peach Blueberry Thyme Cupcakes really caught my eye and I thought these were just funky enough for a party Rob and Shayna were hosting.

I was so engrossed in picking the right cupcake, that I totally spaced that these cupcakes were for a baby's first birthday.




I think this is my best cupcake picture to date...Happy Birthday Baby K-Lo!