Thursday, May 31

Breakfast of Champions

I have hit the high life my friends. I have oftentimes been envious of those of you who get to go those high powered, high stakes dinner meetings. Drinking martini's at Donovan's or having a sambucca at Drinkwater's.

Well, I have arrived, check out these digs:

office breakfast

Yes, that's a green paper plate with doritos and powered donuts.


My camera shipped today, so I should be able to stop taking crappy camera phone pictures and be back in business really soon.

Monday, May 28

Purchasing something from HSN

Get me a cat and call it a day. I was sitting at home on Sunday DOING NOTHING. While channel surfing, I thought about HSN and QVC, I mean isn't that where all bored lonely souls go?

I got sucked in. I haven't had a camera for a few months now and I don't do good with electronic purchases. My friend Sean has a Kodak camera and he likes it, I looked at them once or twice at Target, but still haven't pulled the trigger.

Can you believe they had a limited quantity of Kodak cameras on sale for the next TWO MINUTES with 3789 already sold! OMG!

HSN Camera

Oh my- I need to go! Esteban this next hour.

Sunday, May 27

Checking out food reference sites

Thinking about adding a reference setion to my sidebar on the blog. There are several reference sites I like to use when I need help cooking or need a little inspiration.

Need to know the difference between grating and shreading a carrot, this is the site to reference. 


Switcheroo Food Source

Reviews on this site are from real expereinces, not a lot of food wanna-be critic filler like you find on some other Web sites. The nice thing too is that with each search a map with near by restaurants and shops pops up.


Know that you're hungry for something or want just a little culinary inspiration? surfs the Web for you. Each day new images are uploaded and yu click on the the one that catches your eye.