Wednesday, June 20

$1 Hot Dogs Update (

The empire is building over at David has expanded his product placement and is promoting and creating a more diverse offering. Check out his CafePress store:

That MBA is really paying off Dave (I bet his parents are really proud)!

This conversation made me LOL

David S [3:16 PM]:
some one ordered condiments the other day
David S [3:16 PM]:
JUST condiments
Keesha [3:17 PM]:
ok, that's seriously funny
David S [3:17 PM]:
yeah i thought so too

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Monday, June 18

Let's Play Cupcake

The Odd Couple. That's my BFF Carey and me. Allow me to illustrate, when we went to Puerto Rico last summer, I had an allergic reaction to the *ocean*. Her remedy- I needed some yogurt, tea tree and echinacea. I on the other hand wanted Benedryl, a steroid and penicillin. Do you have a friendship like that? It's the best! She's the best!

It was Carey's birthday this past weekend. I couldn't go back to Texas to celebrate with her, so here's my virtual prezzie:

Lets Play Cupcakes_00

Happy Birthday Girl! Love you!

Sunday, June 17

Another midnight run for Blue Bell

Dear Grocery Store Manager-

The other evening I was on an emergency shopping run at your grocery store. You see my supply of Blue Bell ice cream (Cake, Strawberry and Homemade Vanilla) had run out.

Since I am delicate in both stature and sensibility, I only purchase the pint size portions. So, you can imagine the uncomfortable situation I was put in when the Century Sundae was only available in the half gallon portion.

What do you expect your shoppers to do when you don't inventory your store properly?

At one point, I almost walked over to the Ben&Jerry's or Haagen-Daz freezer. I must have been in shock or something? I hope you understand, I didn't want to bring home a whole half gallon of homemade vanilla, mixed with chocolate, caramel, whip cream and cherries.

I also didn't want to eat the ice cream straight out of the carton. But I had no choice because I can hardly lift this thousand pound tub!

Thank you (not so much),