Thursday, September 28

Have you ever seen an 80 year old woman play the harmonica?

In my family, we have a weekend where there are five birthdays in something like 8 days, it's crazy and a lot of fun.  So, I'm back in Caldwell, visiting and catching up with everyone (FYI, Caldwell is about 70 miles from Austin and 35 miles from College Station)


This weekend is also "fair weekend" in Caldwell, which means that since it's also an election year for my dad, we're out hugging babies and pressing the flesh, it's really fun; Small town politics.  So, let me give you a brief glimpse into my day:

8:00 AM- Walk over at my grandma's (MooMoo) house to have a little breakfast and visit.

9:30 AM- Take her Buick over to the court house to see my dad in court (can you believe I've never seen him in action)

11:00 AM- Call Pizza Hut to place an order for lunch with Mom and Liz, talk to Sidney (her sister and I were buddies in high school)

11:30 AM- Meet Mom and Liz at high school cafeteria and have pizza, run into old teachers who retell their favorite Keesha in school story

12:00 PM- Go to local Historical (hysterical) Society meeting with Dad to have mini sandwiches and iced tea

1:30 PM- Go to ford dealership to find Hubby's grandmother, she's at Patsy's, but they call Merriam to find her, who walks over to Pasty's because she isn't answering the phone, and it won't be a bother.

1:34 PM- Visit with Hubby's grandma (Nanny)

2:30 PM- Go back to MooMoo's to return the car and visit with her and Charley before he has to go to a board meeting for the Cemetery

3:30 PM- Mom and Liz are back from school and Liz (driver's permit in hand) drives us to Wal-Mart to get more Dr.Pepper and Diet Coke

5:30 PM- Eat dinner and talk about how my dad doesn't like asparagus

6:00 PM- Drive out to the fair for the free Gospel Music show sponsored by the SPJST

So, where in the world does the 80 year old lady with a harmonica come into the picture?  One of the performers was this 80 year old lady who's been playing the harmonica since she was eight.  Let me tell ya, it's kinda inspiring to see something like that. Bless her heart, I wish I have enough air to play a harmonica when I'm 80! 

BTW, do y'al know that Hubby and I grew up together right?  I know I always say that our family's are neighbors, here' s an idea, that's close in a town of 3500 people!

Sunday, September 24

Bring me two pina coladas...or two cupcakes if you don't have that.

I have to say it, "I'VE MADE THE BEST CUPCAKES IN THE WORLD!"  Man, I don't know why these little gems are hitting me just right this weekend, but I think I've had five by myself.  And people, I'm not saying that I'm the brightest bulb, I think there might be some correlation between my growing belly and this whole blogging thing.  I've opened an investigation and I'll get back with you as soon as I get some hard hitting results.  Check this out, here's a pair of britches I got at the beginning of the summer, right, nice, size 4, like hot mama.

Now, here's my normal size.  Size 6, not too skinny, you can tell she works out, ka-chow-bam.

Here's why I've started my investigation, there's a new number appearing in my closet.  Now, I understand that a size 8, you're not going to put me on Celebrity Fat Club, but that's quite a leap over a mere summer.

Okay, now, back to the best cupcakes in the world.  Sandra and her husband are in visiting for the weekend and we had a great get together at Vic and Bec's house.  Saturday morning, I was up early (6:30AM) watching the Food Network when Cupcake Challenge came on, so I decided to cuise their site to see what they had.  I've been in a  chocolate cupcake rut, so I was looking for something different.  I found this one posted by Ina Garten (Barefood Contessa) and dicided to give it a go.  They were a hit.  They're so pretty, light and just what I was looking for.  Even Hubby who doesn't like coconut, liked them.  Today we were over at a football party and everyone kept asking if I had more cupcakes. 

Y'all have a good week!