Saturday, October 14

More evidence that blogging causes weight gain...I'm washing this down with a diet Coke

You'll recall that I proposed a theory earlier that blogging causes weight gain (see archives). I have more evidence of that and it hit me while I was eating a piece of toasted banana nut bread with butter and a diet Coke.

One of the down-sides to not having any family in town is that I am constantly trying to pawn my weekend baking adventures off on my colleagues. If you combine this with the fact that I work with Super Wife, who also bakes, it's a disaster.

In any given week, there can be cupcakes, zucchini biscuits, cookies and muffins all rotating between our office. And because we're sabotaging girls, we like to hang out while the other one eats our treats and exclaims how yummy everything is. That way be both know that the other one is consuming the same amount of calories as the other one.

So back to that banana nut bread with a diet Coke. Super Wife found a new recipe that called for sour cream, instead of milk or butter milk in more traditional breads I've made. Maybe we can get her to post the recipe, but that would require more than a monthly posting (burn, yo!)

Tuesday, October 10

Did you know I'm a fabulous croquet player?

I know, you're thinking, "Keesh, you're good at everything" and that's usually the case.  But if you can believe it, I've never played croquet. 

I'm assuming that you've read about my unfortunate incident on Saturday morning (that's all I'm going to say about it) I'm enjoying a fluffier version now. I was really doubtful that I was going to have a good day. 

Upon arrival at the tourney, I was warmly greeted by Melati and all my apprehension melted away.  Before I knew it, my generally shy Hubby was like, "Make sure we're on the list to play." 

Here's what I learned:

  1. Anytime you can pull off a dinner for 50 people, appetizers, drinks and two outfits per host (Meltai, you looked beautiful both times) then you've really got it going on.
  2. My husband is in love with a hairy being named Roman.
  3. If you're going to play croquet, don't let the opposing team sabotage you with a midget mallet (umm, I mean midget in the most politically correct way possible).
  4. You can really get into a philosophical discussion on what warrants a mallets length.
  5. I'm really, in my own mind really good at croquet.

 We had a great time and it was a bummer we had to leave early.  Thanks Melati for a really great Saturday.  It was awesome to meet everyone!!!